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Life is a rally.

A wonderful mix of power, versatility and fun is what makes the 640 Adventure Traveller’s Edition a true blast each time you ride it. Prepared for the long run on and especially off the road, the bike is a true representation of KTM’s dedication on delivering the best performing and one of the most agile all-around motorcycles on the market today.



Two strong LED-lights from 3XLED are added to enhance visibility in day time riding and light up the trails and roads during night time.

Custom built tower

I've used the space above the speedometers, and made a mounting bracket for all the accessories like GPS and phone.

Upgraded spring

To handle all the weight and intense workload, we upgraded the rear spring to a stiffer one. This withstand the luggage even better, creating a smoother ride.




A complete list of all issues, modifications and maintenance.

Updated every once in a while.


18.000KM - 23.09.2017

The bike was listed on a online marketplace, priced at R55.000 with 18.000km on the odometer and located outside of Johannesburg. I flew to Johannesburg by myself to test ride it. I found these issues when inspecting it it:

  • A big dent in the front rim.
  • Leakage from the carburetor.
  • Oil leak from the shaft seal.

I negotiated the price down to R50.000, and bought the bike. The following two days, I rode it back to Cape Town where we were based.

19524 km - 01.10.2017

I took the bike to Dirt Riders in Cape Town to have it serviced at looked at by mechanics who know's the LC4 engine well. 

  • Changed countershaft seal
  • Valve clearance
  • Oil change
  • Engine inspection

19562 km - 07.10.2017

Mounted extra equipment on the bikes:

  • Crashbars from xxxxx
  • LED-spots from xxxx
  • Footpeg extenders from xxxx
  • 5L water cannister from xxxx
  • USB outlets
  • Knee grips on tank
  • Dont know

19562 km - 07.10.2017

Bike running all good!



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