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Meet the beast.

A wonderful mix of power, versatility and fun is what makes the 640 Adventure Traveller’s Edition a true blast each time you ride it. Prepared for the long run on and especially off the road, the bike is a true representation of KTM’s dedication on delivering the best performing and one of the most agile all-around motorcycles on the market today.



Two strong LED-lights from 3XLED are added to enhance visibility in day time riding and light up the trails and roads during night time.

Custom built tower

I've used the space above the speedometers, and made a mounting bracket for all the accessories like GPS and phone.

Upgraded spring

To handle all the weight and intense workload, we upgraded the rear spring to a stiffer one. This withstand the luggage even better, creating a smoother ride.




A complete list of all issues, modifications and maintenance.

Updated every once in a while.


20.126KM - 27.09.2017

The bike was listed on a online marketplace, with 20.100km on the odometer, Touratech 16L extended fuel capacity and upgraded C2P rear suspension. The bike hadn't been started in several months when inspecting it, but the engine turned nicely over and sounded just right. When inspecting it further, I noticed these issues:

  • Cosmetically not a shining diamond, some rust and scratches.
  • Chain and sprockets were due for a change.
  • Brake pads up for a change.
  • Oil leak from the shaft seal.

I negotiated the price down and bought the bike. The seller was kind enough to offer me a bed for the night, we had some beers and he shared his tips on where to ride in South Africa.

20.611 km - 29.09.2017

Upon returning to Cape Town, I delivered the bike to Mike at Rockfox to make a custom luggage rack for the bike.

  • Reinforcement of the aluminum subframe at three places
  • New top rack.
  • Luggage rack with mounting for water canister.

Mike is a busy guy with lots of projects going on at the same time, therefor the bike took longer than first agreed upon. He did however deliver solid products.

20.666 km - 07.10.2017

I arranged a full 20.000km service at Kingtek Motorcycles. The owner, Andrew ensured me he would do a thorough inspection of the bike making it ready for this adventure.

  • All fluids and filters changed.
  • Replace worn front and rear brake pads.
  • Upgrade to a reusable DNA Performance air filter.
  • Replaced chain and sprockets.
  • Valve clearance check.
  • Full throttle body cleaning.
  • Full visual check up and test riding.

I also picked up some spare parts at Craig's Motorcycle Spares:

  • Clutch and throttle cable.
  • Water pump seals kit.
  • Clutch shaft seal.
  • Spare spark plugs.
  • 14, 15 and 47 tooth sprockets
  • Brake levers
  • Clutch levers
  • Gear levers
  • Clutch plates
  • Counter Shaft seals
  • Brake pads
  • Wheel bearings
  • Steering head bearing
  • Master links

20.712 km - 07.10.2017

To make the bike suitable for this travel and the road conditions, I left the bike at the best shock and suspension specialist in South Africa (maybe in all of Africa), Martin at MP Custom Valve who once delivered the rear C2P suspension talked us through how he would like to have the bike set up for a travel like this.

  • Upgraded front springs.
  • Protective socks.
  • Upgraded rear spring.

The bike is now all set for this travel.

20.790 km - 12.10.2017

All additional extras are installed 

  • Soft luggage from ATG - All Terrain Gear
  • New seat covered in leather.
  • USB and 12V outlets.
  • External fuel filter.
  • 1800 Lumen LED-lights.
  • Garmin Montana 610 with charging bracket.
  • RAM phone clamp.
  • Rear top box from Tuffcases with space for drone and laptop.
  • Norwegian sticker on front.





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