One Month On The Road!

We have now ridden 6200km/3850 miles since we started off in Anchorage one month ago. Oh man it’s amazing, and the distances between the cities are huge here in Canada. We’ve slept in campgrounds the last two weeks, and we are thankful for our waterproof tents. The locals says they’ve never seen this much rain during a summer for the past 20 years. 

We’ve been driving through the mighty tourists traps of Jasper and Banff National Parks, two mountain villages located right in the center of the Rocky Mountains. It’s fully understandable why so many visits these places, it’s beyond breathtaking. The crystal clear blue water reflecting the color of the glaciers stumbling down the mountain sides into the lakes is something you don’t see every day. We love this, we love the people, the places and even the rain. Okay, maybe not the rain... But we enjoy every other aspect of this young adventure so far.

Now that we are back in places with cell phone coverage, we’ll be able to post a lot more in the weeks to come. 

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Christian Mørck Røde