Oh Canada

After 3 days we are back online, and we’ve crossed our first border into Canada!

Back in Fairbanks, we planned to check out the famous Denali National Park for a couple of days. Due to a bad weather forecast, we skipped it and did a last minute change of plans. In heavy rains, we started our way to Canada and two days later we found ourselves in a casino in Dawson City. A weird and funny looking small town with lots of hopeful people searching for gold, intoxicated natives and two Norwegians in the desperate search for the Sourtoe cocktail (google it) and the towns mechanic to fix some stuff. 

We are working our way through Canada, staying in Whitehorse for two nights while planning the route down towards the lower 48’s. There are many roads that leads us to where we are going, and yet more opinions and recommendations from all the people we meet on where to go and what to see that we have to consider.

Oh yeah, we’ve seen lots of bears the last couple of days! On the picture you’ll se Christian playing dead, making the bear leave.