Leave It To The Professionals!

As the two of us are both quite inexperienced on motorcycle repairs, there are some parts we can't fix ourselves and need assistance with. While driving up the Dalton Highway, Christian's left foot peg shook loose and completely fell off, forcing us to strap it in place with rope.

Now that we are back in Fairbanks we have time to wash off the 20 pounds of dirt on our bikes and do some smaller repairs. We had to seek assistance to get the foot peg welded back in place, but the bike is now ready for more dirt and gravel roads.


Its good to be back in civilization after 6 days on the Dalton. We are now finally enjoying cold beer, as the north slope of Alaska is completely alcohol free. We will stay here in Alaska for a few more days, there is still lots of great nature to see and we really want to make use of our bear spray before we leave!